Kenji Was Left Behind

A snake embarks on a lifelong journey to find his family: 

We drove through gardens and neighborhoods 'til it was too dark to think.
Everything here has a bright gleam. 
Did you notice that pearl blister on the moon?
We share the same sky.
So many questions left unanswered.


Difficult Mountain

Difficult Mountain is a set of nine videos projected alongside the live performance of a mass by Arvo Part and a choir piece by Gorecki. Inspired by moments in nature and Tony Alamo's quest to overcome life's unseen changes, the images bear witness to a solstice of great distances. Difficult Mountain is presented in familiar forms of air, earth, water, and ice. A ceremony of sinking snow and bright skies, bleached for this occasion, will mark the last winter sleep. A great volcano bursts in silence, and then we have landed to quote contemporary poet Zheng Chouyu: "Forget it, this is the speed of life. This speed is tranquility."



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