"I sing and still can't sing it away,
The pain of this city,
but the pain makes me believe in the good times to come,
I've a smile on my lips, just living on this Earth,
There's a mass movement in front of my eyes, 
Suddenly changing my life like a revolution."

-Cu Jian


So You Don't Know Me and I Don't Know You

"Must-have Essentials"

America's favorite rainbow sherbert, (1) La Yogurt amino acid in light peach, Authentic Jewish rye, Golden delicious apple 


The Sunset of Life: Failed Mini-Performances

The image of a woman sitting on grass is narrated by someone with difficulty breathing. There’s an expectation that the sick person may not be able to complete his dialogue, but he manages to warn against watching the sunrise: “you know who you are, please do not do that again.” This is a warning against expecting routines such as the sunrise, even if it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. When the sun fails to set in Finland for sixty days, people become ill. Insomnia and alcoholism are some of the most common ailments of this phenomenon.



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